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Speed33 - All Steel Body
Speed33 Body & Accessories Order Form

View the pricing and order form for the Speed33 body and the Speed33 accessories. A deposit will hold your place in the production order, with a confirmation letter and assigned body number. Deposits can be made by check or credit card, telephone us directly at 734.451.1141. International crating and shipping available. Speed33 Order Forms: Open Wheel Order Form or Full Fendered Order Form.



American Speed Company team has funneled their design, engineering and manufacturing experience to create a new concept – the Speed33™. Based upon the 1933 Ford roadster, the Speed33™ applies American Speed Company’s design talents to the same sound principles of style and quality that made the original ’33 a success with rodders – with a key benefit – more room!

The Speed33™ is equipped with structural components that are tied to high-quality body panel stampings that stay true to the original design, and features a number of firsts in the industry, including the first modern, fully-integrated convertible top in a ’33; the first full substructure design for maximum body rigidity; the first integrated windshield stanchion and windshield frame; as well as the first body design to compensate for both high-boy and full-fendered treatment.

While it honors tradition, the Speed33™ is equipped with subtle improvements throughout that lead to ease of build, use and driving experience. The body is fitted with a stainless steel windshield frame and stanchions, as well as the convenience of power side windows, and is topped with a contemporary OEM-spec convertible top assembly that stows completely away under a hard tonneau when not in use. Top up or top down, this body is a real beauty!

Additional Features:
- Heavy 18 gauge steel for the best results
- Functioning side glass and full cabin water sealing
- Full technical development utilizing OEM development tools
- Assembled with OEM tolerance maintenance on professional assembly fixtures
- Design and construction improvements over other market available products
- E-coating corrosion protection package offered

Base body package - $35,500
The body includes: complete shell from firewall through decklid including full convertible top in a choice of three standard colors (black, beige and navy) with full weather seal package; doors hung on hidden hinges with latches and loaded with power side windows (curved tempered glass); full front windshield assembly with curved laminated glass, stainless steel frame and cast stainless windshield stanchions; heavy gauge floor with transmission cutout; ’32 design inspired removable instrument panel; and optional chassis wedges for use in stock-height/full-fendered builds.


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Speed33™ Accessories
  New for 2015 - Special Edition American Speed Company 6-Gauge Set - $1,950*

Speed33 Grille - Currently on Backorder
’33 style grille with dummy rad filll. Additinal grille modifications include clip nose (radiator fill delete) and crank hole delete.


Speed33 Three-piece hoodset - $1,850* and up
Designed by American Speed and built by Rootlieb, with a variety of louver and hood hinge options.


Speed33 Custom blister set - $975*
Designed and crafted to specifically fit the wedge channel of the body.


Speed33 Rear Roll Pan - $1,675*
Exclusive design for bobbed chassis rails.


Speed33 Gas Tanks - $1,200* and up
A custom designed 17 gallon stainless steel fuel tank built by Rock Valley features an internal baffle for in-tank electric fuel pumps. Available seutp: Carburetor, EFI lo-vol pump, EFI hi-vol pump, and EFI ultra hi-vol pump.


Speed33 Door Handle Set - $600*
Inside and Outside (locking) stock style chrome door handle kit (Installed)



Speed Cluster - 7 Gauge (or 5 gauge w/2 air vents) - $695*
CNC machined, polished aluminum gauge cluster with engine turned & brushed aluminum inserts. Custom inserts available; carbon fiber, hydrographics, or blank inserts (for painting or custom finish).


Speed Cluster - 5 Gauge - $695*
CNC machined, polished aluminum gauge cluster with engine turned & brushed aluminum inserts. Custom inserts available; carbon fiber, hydrographics, or blank inserts (for painting or custom finish).


NEW - Speed Cluster - 6 Gauge - $695*
CNC machined, polished aluminum gauge cluster with engine turned & brushed aluminum inserts. Custom inserts available; carbon fiber, hydrographics, or blank inserts (for painting or custom finish).


NEW - Shorty Swan Neck Mirrors - Backordered
Polished 4" stainless steel mirror with custom 'shorty' stem (manual adjust).



Speed33 Interior Substrate Kit - $2,200 (Cabin and Trunk Kit)
Kit include 14 piece premolded ABS set. Brushed sill inserts also available.


Speed33 Interior Trunk Substrate Kit
Kit includes 4/5 piece premolded ABS set (specify in-car tank or without tank).

  * Prices subject to change. See Speed33 Order Forms to verify pricing: Open Wheel Order Form or Full Fendered Order Form


Speed33 Brochure
View the latest Speed33 brochure or read the Speed33 Story below for the original design, development and manufacturing story. Speed33 Brochure
Speed33 Technical Sheets
View the tech sheet for the Body Mounting Hole Locations for the Speed33. Speed33 Technical Sheets


The Speed33 Story


design and development

The Speed33 was designed using the same computer and modeling tools utilized in OEM full-vehicle production development programs: CATIA V5, Alias and Unigraphics. These tools help us to quickly build electronic designs that can be compared to our inspiration sketches and two-dimensional engineering drawings. These time-intensive steps are what separate the “back-yard builders” from American Speed Company when it comes to repeatability, quality control, and a well-executed design.

Design: The design process began with the development of several themes sketches by our in-house designers. Taking artistic cues from three final rendered sketches, the Speed33 then came to life in a series of 2-dimensional line drawings. Utilizing the classic approach of engineering on paper, each component was designed and evaluated as it took shape. These drawings evaluate the “stack up” of components as they interact with each other. Once the design is outlined in 2-dimensional format, its time to “get it in the tube” and into 3-dimensional CAD format.

Engineering: The surface of the Speed33 was created from a combination of scanning and measuring existing original ‘33 and ‘34 roadsters and cabriolets; foam modeling and printed reviews. With the panels stamped in 1.24mm thick steel, it is important to maintain the proper body character lines and reveals that make a ’33 a ’33. These processes are verified by taking the entire “math model” and sending the data to the computer controlled mill. Cutting in a large series of foam blocks, the guided bit cuts into the block, revealing the design, full scale, with all of the details described in the math data. This is when things get fun !



Manufacturing: With the design “proven” by the milling process, the interior structure was then developed in order to provide a skeleton to support the exterior panels. This well engineered skeleton is what provides the needed rigidity for the front windshield to eliminate flex and squeaks, as well as the suicide door hinges and convertible top mechanism. The interior structure also allows the Speed33 to maintain correct panel gapping, alignment and fitment by reinforcing the entire body from firewall to the rear valence. Utilizing square and rectangular steel tubing, heavy gauge floor panels, and vertical risers in the cowl and cockpit areas, the body is locked together for terrific rigidity. This means that your time spent gapping the doors, decklid and tonneau panel will be rewarded by not changing over time due to body flex. Better design leads to better builds.