Speed33 Owners Gallery

Allen Speed33

One of the first 10 Speed33’s sold, this Matador Red Tri-Coat (Lexus Code 3R1-BASF) is owned and was built by Kenny Allen, of Sorrento, LA. Tooling around town and the show circuit, Kenny’s creation is equipped with an LS2 engine, supercharged w/536 RWHP and a 6-speed standard transmission. It has a fat man front suspension, ladder bar rear with 9” Ford and is a full air ride suspension. Kenny stretched the front of the car 3” with LRS frame rails and sheet metal to match. He also built the custom stainless grille bars. The interior was completed by LB Upholstery (Lawrence Bergeron) in Kentwood, LA and features a custom embroidered Speed33 logo on the back wall panel of the trunk. Complementing the car are the 17” front and 18” rear Billet Specialties Bonneville G wheels, with Bridgestone Tranza tires.

At the 2013 World of Wheels Autorama held at the New Orleans Superdome, this ’33 received the Outstanding in Class and also the Outstanding Paint Award. It has also taken 1st Place, Top Ten, Class Act and People’s Choice awards at other local venues. A rare Speed33 and a true standout indeed! Great job, Kenny!


Kornell Speed33

Built by Billy’s Rod Shop in West Kelowna, British Columbia, this PPG black Speed33 is a two-time award winner since its debut on the highway and show circuit.    Owned by David Kornell and built to his specifications, it houses a LS3 480hp engine, a GM 4L70E transmission, and rests atop a Roadster Shop chassis.  The custom interior by Baxter’s Hot Rod Interior along with the body and paint work done by Kelly’s Custom Auto Body Shop, make this car an award winner.    All the stainless steel and chrome has been brushed or nickel plated.   The grill has been laid back 3” and the hood sloped forward.   The rear rollpan was also extended.   This Speed33 was a 2013 GNRS winner, a 2013 Sacramento Autorama winner, and also a winner of the Dick Bertolucci Award of Excellence.   Per David Kornell, “I really enjoy the car and get compliments every time I take it out”.


Jones Speed33

This fine rendition of a Speed33 belongs to Paul Jones of Trussville, Alabama. It was built by Mark Ragsdale of Alabama Customs, in Wellington, Al. Great workmanship, Mark! This Speed33 features a ZZ4 engine, with 3 deuces for carburetion, provided by Holley. Power is transferred via a 700R4 tranny, to a Ford 9” rear end. The Wheelsmith 40 Ford style wheels are standing tall and decked out with Firestone tires from Coker Tire. It is mounted on a Roadster Shop chassis, with a drop axle, pinched frame rails and a 2” extended wheelbase. It features a louvered hood and decklid. It is rounded out with Classic Instrument gauges, a Vintage Air package and a Lokar shifter. The color-scape is PPG Stone Grey base coat/clear coat. This beast will be pounding the pavement soon!

Alexander Speed33 - VISION 33

This vehicle is owned by the legendary Mike Alexander, of the Alexander Brother’s customizing fame. Mike has been in the business of building and customizing cars since the mid-1960’s. This modified Speed33 was built at Gaffoglio Family Metalcrafters, Inc. in Fountain Valley, CA with the help of Mike’s son, Mike Jr. From concept to completion, Mike worked along side a vast number of individuals to make this hot rod come to fruition.

Four years in the making, the VISION 33 made its 2012 debut at the 60th Annual Detroit Autorama Show. It was a Don Ridler Memorial Award contender and with high standards, received Pirelli Great 8 Recognition.
In the summer of 2012, the VISION 33 made the cover of the Street Rodder’s SRP (Street Rodder Premium).

Lanasa Speed33

Sam Lanasa, a car enthusiast from Lakeland, FL is nearing completion of his full fendered Speed33.   Eager to get this Speed33 out on the show circuit, Sam took his car to the 13th Annual Mason Dixon Christmas Wish Car and Truck Show held in Tampa, FL and had the distinction of winning not one but two awards.      In a class of over 300 entries, Sam’s Speed33 won Best Top Twenty 1981 and Older and the Specialty Award for Best FOMOCO.   This classic black beauty is revving to move to the next show.    Congratulations to Sam, another Speed33 winner!

Pearson Speed33

Here is a great looking fenderless Speed33 from the Pearson garage – complete with LTI and a manual transmission, this car features several custom metalwork touches throughout. Straight shade black with no clear highlights the quality of the Speed33 body with straight panels, smooth highlights and a great job by the Pearson’s in their own garage.

Sly Speed33
Deep blue is the theme and this car delivers! Just check out the detail work throughout the car with six-speed automatic, fully independent suspension and oval theme. Constructed by the great team.

Herbert / Lobeck’s Speed33

Classic Barry Lobeck style is how this Speed33 was built – great theme, excellent selection of components and flawless execution brought this car its first awards on its first time out. Built under Barry and Gini Lobeck’s direction, the whole team at Lobecks brought this full build to its debut at the Good Guys Columbus Nationals and surprised everyone.


Kosmoski Speed33

With exquisite paint work from top to bottom - the highly detailed and finished chassis was worthy of mirror plates alone. Mr. Jon Kosmoski, House of Kolor Paints, built his dream ride, a fully fendered Speed33 powered by a killer LS motor putting power to the ground with a polished Currie rear end.With a short build time of only 8 months, Jon showered the Speed33 with some of his best paints: for the chassis a Gamma Gold base (H.O.K. BC07) and Pagan Gold candy (UK12), while the entire top side was first shot with a Super Silver base (FX05), then HOK's new Candy Apple Red (UK11) and then Show Car clear (USC01). Jon told Mark, " the body is of such high quality, it really pushes you to do more on the build of the car." Good stuff coming from a man than knows. Jon's car debuted at SEMA, but look for it to be featured at many hot rod shows throughout the country.

Lowe & L'Cars Speed33

The great folks at L'Cars of Cameron, Wisconsin have helped out a great customer, Mr. and Mrs. Lowe, who had previously started on a hot rod build that got into the wrong hands, and time and money later there wasn't much to show for it other than the RamJet 350. Working from that base, the L'Cars crew got on the project and went to replace the build with a high quality American Speed Speed33 body. Starting from a Roadster Shop chassis and Speed33 body, the crew fitted SAR fenders and smooth running boards, and then dressed it all out in a brilliant DuPont Hot Hues Razzling Red base coat and DuPont 72200s clear. The attention to details and level of build is superior - right down to the custom metal work dressing those smooth running boards, flush fuel filler, high mount stop light and customized American Speed 33 grille.

Blast to the Past Speed33

One of our PA dealers put this Flathead beauty together for a customer build and wow what a look. With graceful silver laid over those curvaceous fenders, this Speed33 is as much classic as classy. Built to run with an H&H built Flathead Ford fed by twin Stromburg 97's, S10 5 speed, TCI chassis and full disc brakes, the customer will be cruising in style and comfort thanks to the American Speed Company interior. Look for this car to show up all over the East Coast as it makes regular runs and shows with builder and customer proud of its beauty.

Maloney Speed33
Featured in the September 2010 Street Rodder Magazine table of contents and full story, this Roadster Shop built Speed33 has been capturing as many trophies as it does second looks with the detailed customer metal work done by the Roadster Shop, complementing the smooth fluid lines of the Speed33 body and Roadster Shop chassis. Built for a great customer team, the custom green top by American Speed is complemented with the body and interior colors. Powered by the venerable SBC, this Speed33 is complemented with old school carburetion and great looks.

Brown Speed33

You won't be able to take your eyes off this LS powered Speed33 with custom metal front end work by none other than Marcel DeLay, metalworker extraordinaire. With custom chromed louvers adorning the hood of this Kugel equipped Speed33, it'll only be the 6 speed automatic that blows your doors off as the red flash passes by. Great design and workmanship detail abound on this great build with custom touches by Squeeg's Kustoms of Mesa, Marcel Metal, American Speed body, and many other premier products.

Hill A&A Restoration Speed33

Our first customer/builder built full fendered Speed33 hails from the great wilds of South Dakota - Dave Hill and the whole gang at A&A Restoration put a great channeled full fendered Speed33 together using Ford in a Ford 347 powerplant and AOD trans. Built on a quality Pete & Jakes frame with dropped I beam and 4-link 9" axle, the car is traditional yet modern. The Dupont "Blue By You" color catches your attention as well as the customer interior by Roy Keith Upholstery using American Speed trim panel package.

Rosenthal Speed33

Another Speed33 featured in Street Rodder Magazine, the great team at California Street Rods in Huntington Beach got together with customer Bob Rosenthal to create a Jaguar inspired Speed33 build featuring S-Type drivetrain and classic Jaguar design cues. The June 2010 issue covered some of the detail work done on the car to make it a contender for the coveted Grand National Roadster Show "America's Most Beautiful Roadster" award in 2009 - in our opinion, none was better than this classic beauty .

Pyramid Street Rods Speed33
Built for a customer in the Great Northwest, this top down black and red beauty comes from the Bellingham shop of Pyramid Street Rods. With highly detailed interior and exterior work, this Speed33 is as much traditional as it is functional. Carrying the stock 33 louvers and modified fender splash aprons, this Speed33 pays tribute to the classic designs while incorporating the year-round comfort of the convertible Speed33 body. Another great example of what can be accomplished with the Speed33 body.

Grand National 60th Anniversary Speed33

If you want heritage in roadsters, no need to look any further than the Grand National Roadster Show now proudly organized by Mr. John Buck and held each January at the Pomona, California Fairplex. Re-constructed on stage during the three-day show in January 2009, this bright blue and red Speed33 had numerous talented hands involved in the build. There is an entire website devoted to the build, the talents involved and the products used in the build: http://www.rodshows.com/gnrs/build-a-rod.html

Mr. John Buck has been invited to join the illustrious L.A. Roadsters club that puts on the L.A. Fathers Day show - so expect to see this Speed33 around for quite a long time. American Speed Company, Roush Performance and Total Cost Involved were the major sponsors - and we proudly call this Speed33 our own. Look for the car to be visiting shows throughout the country.

Retallack Rod Shop Speed33

wBuild for road course racing and open track days - this Speed33 was commissioned by a customer for one purpose, 1+ Gs. Acceleration, braking, turning all come with ease with the tight body, independent suspension chassis, remote reservoir shocks, heavily bolstered seating and a deep grin on the driver. Robin and his crew at the Retallack Rod Shop really out did themselves with the build. The car has since been invited to several top shows throughout the country - but its real purpose will be putting a permanent smile on its owner going around the track!

Cornue Speed33 - Blue Flame Classic

This PPG Blue Flame fendered Speed 33 was built by L. Cornue from Lake Geneva, WI.     The build consisted  of a drivetrain from a 2006 Mustang GT.   The engine is a 4.6 liter 3 valve with a Tremec 5 speed transmission.  The frame was a fully boxed aftermarket built by Heritage Hot Rods.  It originally had a fiberglass ‘ 33 Ford body on it, but was upgraded with our  all-steel Speed 33 body. It has a Heidt’s front suspension with tubular A-arms, and a rear axle Heidt’s four bar triangulate suspension with coil overs.   The Rootlieb hood and hood sides were modified to accommodate the width of the 4.6 liter engine.     Five years in the making, this Speed33 hit the pavement in September, 2011.

Orange Blast Speed33

Mike is a one-man shop with many talents. Picking up his body here at American Speed on July 21, 2008, this orange blast Speed33 hit the roads of the upper Midwest just over one year later. On the road only a few months, it has already racked up some big wins in competition including First Place in the Roadster Class at the Cobblestone Car Show in Rapid City. Now on an inside show circuit, the car continues to be well received.

Verne Speed33

Cool green color, cool stance, cool 4bbl power. Verne's Speed33 is built to ride on a custom frame rail and Kugel front and rear independent suspensions. Powered by a SBC dressed to show, this Speed33 has been noticed again and again throughout California and Arizona shows. Not Verne's first build, but certainly his best!

Moat Speed33
Wow - what a beauty. Jim's work on his black fendered Speed33 incorporates a timeless design with the construction and purpose built of a new driver. Complete with matching original Mullins trailer, Jim's work on the Speed33 build, all done himself with some key friends involved has resulted in a stunning machine on the road. Steel wheels, caps and beauty rings bring a classic design flavor to the Speed33 - with colors really locking in the theme of the build. Don't forget to check out the original style dash Jim put inside!

Tom Speed33

Bright yellow and big wheels set the character of this full fendered Speed33 build by Tom out West. Built by the owner and some great fabricators out in Utah, Tom is getting a lot of attention when he sets out for a drive with this drop top beauty. When you see the car, be sure to check out the details on the air intake, the American Speed grille and other details Tom has worked into the build.

Valley of the Sun Speed33

Here's a whole new color scheme that is really getting noticed - Doug's Speed33 from the Valley of the Sun. With a subtle two-tone and gold leafing, there are design ideas from classic hot rods as well as contemporary ones. Just check out the attention to detailing with ovals throughout the interior and exterior. With full independent Kugel suspension, this Speed33 is also built to drive - with motivation from a V8 stuffed between the hood sides, this hot rod really runs.

Crawford Speed33
Mr. Al Crawford's Speed33 is a work of power and beauty. This professionally built Speed33 features a fully polished GM LS7 engine with Keisler 5 speed manual backing it. Take a look at those custom stainless exhaust pipes! Interior details feature high grade leather, accents with contrasting types, Vintage Air AC and Dakota Digital gauge package.

Beard Speed33

Ron and Lois Beard have completed a great project - the first Speed33 fully fendered with a 3" stretch to the chassis.  With all metalwork and designing done by Ron and Lois, they capped their build with an original Mullins trailer - complete with matching fenders and Lincoln Zephyr tail lights. Their Speed33 is motivated by a Lincoln Navigator 5.4 Ford Modular motor which caused a bit of customizing to the hood sides - see those buldges - clearance as well as aesthetic.

The Beard's well traveled '33 Ford is based on a Speed 33 body and features a 3-inch extension in the wheelbase and similarly lengthened fenders. The custom dash features Classic Instruments gauges set into an instrument panel painted to match the tan upholstery. The convertible is powered by a Ford DOHC V8 and rides on a Heidts IFS and 9-inch Ford rearend sprung on coilover shocks. Look for this Speed33 cruising up and down the West Coast from Washington through California.

Crompton Speed33

This Speed33 debuted at the Grand National Roadster Show in Pomona 2010, Mr. Carter Crompton has been preserving while enjoying his triple black Speed33. A local customer that visits the American Speed shops regularly, Carter was looking for just the "right look."  Working with Mark, they came up with the tall skinny tire look on the blacked out build to really set it apart with the tall So-Cal cast wheels.  Carter's car was the first to receive the American Speed trim panel treatment, with all upholstery work done right here at our shop.  Custom embroidery sets off the upper bolster of the American Speed designed Wise Guy bench seat.  Motivated by a crate SBC and automatic, Carter looks forward to shows and cruising northern Michigan.

Chassis: Roadster Shop
Engine: Chevrolet ZZ4
Transmission: Chevrolet 700R4
Interior: American Speed Company

West Speed33
Initially sold to a customer in West Virginia, this Speed33 found itself in Dallas and in the very capable hands of Mr. JB West.  JB gave the entire build a "dipped in bright red" treatment - with wire wheels, full fenders and a classic look.  His build features a custom under-dash unit that American Speed offers as well as some of his own custom dash touches with hydrographics featured around the beltline.   Take a closer look and you will see his own authentic bomber gauge right in the middle pointing to this accomplished builder's past.

Tait Speed33
"Worlds Fastest Street Rod" - the goal and soon to be the claim of this wicked Speed33 built by the folks at Kugel for Mr. Tom Tait.  Setting the world ablaze with a supercharged LSX engine, entended wheelbase, salt flat tires and fully functioning parachute, this Speed33 holds the title of fastest Speed33 in the world.  235mph at the October 2009 World Speed Finals held at the Bonneville Salt Flats, Utah.  Fitted complete with air conditioning and all, this Speed33 takes only a few hours to switch from full race trim to street trim for the driver and passenger in comfort.  Mr. Tait's Speed33 was hosted by American Speed at the GoodGuys Southwest Nationals in Scottsdale, Arizona in November 2009.  

Moon Speed33

Mr. William "Moon" Mullins of Dothan, Alabama and his Smeding stroker dual quad carb chevy engined Speed33, with flawless execution by Mr. Jesse Greening of Greening Auto of Cullman, Alabama. William's been known through his whole life as "moon", so his Speed33 uses some of the famous Moon Equipment logo designs to have some fun with his hot rod.

Winner of the Alloway Hot Rod Shop "Builders Choice Award" at 2010 Nashville Goodguy's !